Preparing Delightful Chocolate figures is an Art – Check out How to Make it Happen

Posted on December 20th, 2021 05:21 PM

Let’s be honest - everyone likes chocolates, and no one can say no when they are offered a piece of chocolate. However, chocolates become even more tempting when they come out of beautiful and designer chocolate moulds.

The intricate designs, smooth surfaces and cute shapes can make anyone crave more. But, using the right and high-quality chocolate mould is the trick if you are a chocolatier, cake artist or love to bake. Using quality moulds can take your chocolate making up a notch.

Moreover, all the easy to use moulds come in a variety of shapes and patterns that offer you multiple options to make chocolates for cake decorations, parties, and treats.

So, if you want to know how to use a variety of chocolate moulds to create stunning chocolate figures that are no less than a professional chocolatier? We have you covered.

Read this article to know more about the things you should consider to make chocolate moulds and where to get the best quality mould from.

So, let's first discuss,

Things You Should Consider to make moulded chocolates?

Keep the following points in mind to ensure that you get a perfect batch of chocolates every time.

  1. You should use 100% virgin, food-grade PVC plastic that is reusable. This will be an economic option and help you make good quality and beautiful chocolate figures.
  2. Using chocolate moulds gives the chocolates a unique gloss so ensure that you use a clean and smooth mould.
  3. Make sure that you use fluid chocolate with a smooth consistency. It will help eliminate bubbles. Ideally, a three-drop or four-drop fluidity will be good.
  4. To avoid temperature shocks and to keep your chocolate from turning grey, heat the moulds lightly before putting chocolate in the moulds.
  5. Check the temperature before pouring the chocolate into the mould to avoid the chocolate moulds from melting.
  6. Leave a minimum margin when you pour the chocolate into the mould else it will be impossible to seal the chocolates nicely.
  7. You can line or grease the moulds to allow the chocolate to come out of the mould easily without being distorted.
  8. If you wish to center-fill the chocolates, add the desired filling after pouring the chocolate and topping it with the rest of the chocolate.

    Now that you know about how to use moulds, your next obvious question would be,

    Where To Get The Best Quality Chocolate Moulds?

    If you wish to get good quality products and make beautiful, eye-catching chocolates, Raplap is your solution!

    With thousands of chocolate moulds to select from, Raplap offers you a premium selection of moulds. Made from food-grade PVC plastic, the moulds at Raplap can withstand a range of temperatures without getting deformed or losing their quality.

    Using the PVC plastic mould makes the whole process easy, quick and hassle-free by facilitating quick hardening of the chocolate mix.

    The moulds come in a variety of weights, shapes and patterns, including a teddy bear, heart, bell, snowflake and more. You can create stunning patterns with a wide range of designs at Raplap.

    So, what are you waiting for? Browse through our range of more than 500 chocolate moulds and select the ones you like.


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