• Finedecor Spray Power Pump FD-3304

Finedecor Spray Power Pump FD-3304

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  • How to use: wash with neutrl soap and running water all parts and compounts before use.
  • Before you can it lubricate with some edible vegetable oil drops in the hole
  • Add 0 colouring liquid or pow (diluted) in the tubet and apply
  • To avoid accidents during applicationuse the brake on the nozzle to fix it on the applicator
Country of Origin: India
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Cake decor manual airbrush for decorating cakes cupcakes and desserts. use the pump to easily apply paint or spray glitter on cakes cupcakes desserts and other sweet creations in minutes. great for the beginner cake decorators and seasoned professionals. the manual airbrush gives you full control over the pressure with which your spray is applied. bakers and confectioners who plan to use the manual airbrush for both liquid and dry applications should consider purchasing two pumps in order to avoid potential clogging or the need to wait for the pump to totally dry before using glitter. the manual airbrush by cake decor comes with a new lock system and 3 extra reservoirs.

Product Weight
32 cm
17 cm
6 cm


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