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FooDecor Lollipop Stick 12" FD 3464

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  • These lollipop sticks are made of durable they're recyclable and safe without pointed ends for your children to eat with!
  • The lollipop sticks are perfect for kids' birthday party cake party or any playtime with friends. have fun with sweet snacks and treats on the sticks!
  • When using the bakeware,use plastic,wooden,or silicone kitchen utensils to avoid damaging the silicone. Acid from some foods may stain the silicone but will not affect performance.Do not use abrasive cleaning solutions or pads. Dishwasher safe
Made In India
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Lollipop stick size 30 cm pack of 100 pieces sticks useful for various kinds of candy like lollipop chocolate cookie cake pops and any other sweet treats you can think of! they're strong and long enough to even be usable as materials for art-craft projects. they're made of sturdy plastic material that's also non-toxic; safe for children to eat treats from. once used they're easily recycled for a more eco-friendly environment around the house and neighborhood. these sticks also do wonders on special occasions like birthday party or simple playtime with friends. bake those sweets in round animal letters and other adorable shapes for your kids

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