• Mangharam Chocolate & Cream Colour 500g - Black

Mangharam Chocolate & Cream Colour 500g - Black

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  • Make your Chocolates & Cakes COME TO LIFE with our Mangharam Chocolate and Cream-soluble Food-grade colours.
  • Mangharam Chocolate Colours are highly concentrated and available in powdered form.
  • Mangharam Chocolate Solutions' Regular Chocolate colours are a must for every Baker and Confectioner. These Colours give best results when mixed in White Chocolate or Cream.
Country of Origin: India
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Our powder colours can be mixed directly in the cream/white chocolate in the desired ratio. This could be approx. 0.1% of the total weight of cream/white chocolate. The colour may also be mixed with cocoa butter and sprayed/painted on the mould/product.

Product Weight
500 g
13 cm
13 cm


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