• Plastic Plunger Cutter-2656

Plastic Plunger Cutter-2656

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  • High quality material & decent make – high quality plunger cutters to create beautiful snowflakes with edible & non-edible material. a perfect item for sugar craft gum paste marzipan. good to be used with craft clays too.
  • These cutters are ideal for use with fondant cakessugar pastepetal paste marzipan diy
  • Decorate your cake more easily
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
Country of Origin: China
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These plunger cutters are very beautiful made of quality material. Ideal for use with fondant cakes sugar paste petal paste marzipan cooking or craft clays. These set assorted shaped plunger cutters are perfect for creating professional cake decorations. Featuring a spring mechanism which cuts embosses and releases the icing to produce perfectly formed flowers. Use this product to make an exquisite shape let Children and us can experience infinitely splendid life and Joyful atmosphere while enjoying the delicious food. Preparation: * Rolling Pin Soft sugar mass hard sugar mass forming rod.* Roll the well-mixed hard sugar mass evenly with the rolling pin.* Use animal mouth to squeeze out small sugar ring.* Apply small rings around the cake.* Use soft sugar mass to connect each ring (line bot too thick)* After connecting all rings assemble them well.* Stick the prepared pattern at the base side of soft sugar mass. 

Product Weight
21 cm
11 cm
5 cm


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