• Raplap Almond 1 kg
  • Raplap Almond 1 kg
  • Raplap Almond 1 kg

Raplap Almond 1 kg

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  • Almonds reduces hunger lowering your overall calorie intake
  • Almonds are rich in nutrients especially magnesium which help curb down hypertension & maintain good heart health
  • Great for skin massaging your skin with almond oil gives healthy glow
Country of Origin: India
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One of the healthiest and most versatile of nuts the almond is known for its several nutritional benefits and culinary uses. they are little powerhouses of fiber protein vitamin e antioxidants and minerals. you can soak them roast them top off your cereals salads and yogurts with them or simply eat them raw! they are delicious in every way!

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