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RAPLAP Blue Curaco Syrup 1.3Kg

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  • RAPLAP Blue Curacao syrup brings blue skies to tropical cocktails, mocktails, lemonades and sodas.
  • Made with the finest ingredients & authentic flavors. It gives you a refreshing and “good for your body” sensation.
  • The deep blue colour will amaze you and others, especially children. Try to combine it with a citrus flavour in soda applications.
  • Margarita Azul : Blue Curacao(30ml), Tequila(45ml), Fresh Lime Juice(25ml), Sugar Syrup(10ml)
  • Blue Sea : Blue Curacao(30ml), Lemon Juice(10ml), Lemon Chunks(4pcs), Sprit, Soda(180ml)
Country of Origin: India
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An old time cocktail classic, Blue Curacao is known for its deep blue colour, tart orange flavour and tropical credentials. Flavoured with the dry peel of the green oranges, which are descended from Valencia oranges, from the West Indian Island of Curacao, this liqueur embodies this tropical island paradise with its beaches and coral reefs.

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