• Raplap Strawberrry Cold Gel 500 grms
  • Raplap Strawberrry Cold Gel 500 grms
  • Raplap Strawberrry Cold Gel 500 grms

Raplap Strawberry Cold Gel 500g

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  • Direction for use: put the required amount of raplap cold glaze directly or can dilute with required water on the pastry or cake it can be applied with a brush or a spatula on pastry products directly.
  • Raplap gel are ready to use gel for coating or topping confectionery or pastry products.raplap gel provides the perfect appearance and taste for your cakes.
  • Creates fabulous impression on cake desserts and on many other products.
  • Simple and easy to use
Country of Origin: India
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Raplap gel is cold glaze specifically designed for finishin and decorating cakes or for glazing fresh fruit 100% vegetable based cold glazeis avery shining glaze has a good freeze thaw stability ready to use and helps improve the preservation of fresh cakes and fruits and extend its shelf life without leaking and rubbering.

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